40 Hour Paint Correction Detail

40 Hour Paint Correction Car Detailing

Each vehicle will receive up-to 40-hours of multi-stage machine paintwork correction in our bespoke temperature-controlled detailing studio prior to sale. This highly labour-intensive process removes all traces of swirl marks (super fine scratches), wash marring (super fine scratches from improper washing technique) and holograms (scratches inflicted from inexperienced use of a machine polisher) to leave the paint with a ‘better than factory’ finish. 

We don’t use products to exaggerate the look of a car, the techniques and products we use have been fined-tuned over 10 years of car detailing and are designed for the appearance of the vehicles to be sustainable throughout your ownership to keep the residual value as high as possible. We use a selection of tools from six-inch to one-inch polishing machines with rotary and forced dual-action for a variety of different manufacturer paint types and panel contours to ensure the quality of finish is consistent throughout the vehicle.

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