Is Your Car As Safe As It Could Be?

Original manufacturer security systems only go so far in preventing the theft of your vehicle and are often powerless in the event of key cloning, hacking or key theft. To ensure your vehicle remains protected under all circumstances we recommend the fitment of a Approved* Autowatch Ghost immobiliser II . Utilising state-of-the-art immobilisation technology, Ghost immobilisers feature a personalised combination input – seamlessly integrated into your car’s interior by using the existing electronics, such as steering wheel buttons, electric window switches etc. – which needs to be entered prior to start-up. As approved installers of Autowatch Ghost immobilisers we can offer installation of this premium security system before collection to provide you with the additional peace of mind that your investment is protected from the minute you leave the showroom. Thatcham-approved Tracker systems are also available upon request at our Telford centre.

*Many insurance providers offer a discount for vehicles fitted with TASSA Approved devices, so your premium could be reduced. Please check with your insurance provider for more details.

Autowatch Ghost II Immobiliser

Car Security

Ensure your vehicle remains protected under all circumstances with the fitment of a TASSA Approved Autowatch Ghost II immobiliser. Advanced immobilisation technology means your car stays safe even in the event of key-cloning, hacking or key theft.

Thatcham Approved Tracker

Car Key Coding

GPS tracking systems allow you to pinpoint your car’s location and track it in over 180 countries. The instant an alert is received the live tracking information is available to the Police to give them a good opportunity to get the vehicle back undamaged, and catch the thieves.

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