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Get ready for an adrenaline-fueled driving experience like no other with the Audi RS3. This exceptional vehicle combines exhilarating performance, precise handling, and head-turning style. Unleash the pure power of the Audi RS3 and embrace the thrill of the open road. With its high-performance engine and impressive horsepower, this vehicle propels you forward with a surge of power that will leave you breathless. Experience unmatched handling dynamics as you conquer twists and turns with ease, thanks to the advanced technology and intelligent all-wheel drive system. The bold and sophisticated design of the Audi RS3 commands attention wherever it goes, with its athletic stance, sleek lines, and aggressive styling. Step inside the refined interior, where luxury and sportiness merge seamlessly, offering premium materials and cutting-edge technology. Don’t miss your chance to own the Audi RS3.

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Audi RS3 8Y by Frank A.

I recently purchased a brand new Audi RS3 8Y Saloon from Automotive Addiction.
I am slightly lost for words on how to describe the service from these guys, in that it is nothing like a standard car sales. The team at Automotive Addiction have set the bar SO high for car sales and preparation, that you will not find anyone anywhere that even comes close.

From first contact with Dhyllan, the process has been unlike anything I have ever experienced before (and I have bought a few cars before, from either Audi itself or other 3rd party dealers). Dhyllan and his team really make an effort to get to know you, what you want from your car, what kind of customer you are.
The time he spent on the phone with me before I decided to buy the car… I can only quantify it as hours!
Dhyllan is very busy running his business (and he runs it very well!) and yet he somehow always magically found the time to take my calls, or even to call me back.
You won’t find a car salesperson who will do that the same way he does. Car salesperson is even a misnomer for Dhyllan (or any of his team!). These guys are genuine car enthusiasts, true petrolheads and if you want to talk about cars (especially German performance cars!) they are your dudes!
There is also none of that sales pressure a lot of main dealers put on(oh someone wants to pay a deposit for the car now, but I’ll hold it for you if you decide by tomorrow etc etc) or none of that fobbing you off if you appear a little undecided.

The level of car preparation is second to none. Their cars are detailed so meticulously and pedantically that they are in better condition than brand new showroom cars.
I was totally gobsmacked at how thoroughly prepared my car was, when it was revealed to me on pick-up day. I honestly got goosebumps and heart palpitations!
Ollie took some nice pictures of the car reveal moment (he really does a brilliant job with his cameras, a professional photographer / filmmaker!).
Louis spent a lot of time with me to set up the MMI and pairing it to my myAudi app and also we went through every setting together and through all the details of various car aspects (including tyre repair kit etc etc).

Post-sale, Dhyllan and Louis will also always reply to any messages you send them with questions about the car, and will do their utmost to help you. They paid for my 2nd key supplied and coded by Audi, no questions asked. Find me another dealer who will do that for you!? Exactly, it doesn’t exist.

I could keep typing a lot more and this review would be about the longest in history, but I’ll say one thing: if you are a performance car enthusiast who wants to buy a car from someone who loves performance cars and doesn’t just sell them for the sake of selling, go to Automotive Addiction. You will never regret buying a car from them, and in fact like me you’ll wish you had met them earlier in life!
Can’t give more than 5 stars because that’s the top score, but these guys deserve a score well “over-the-top”! I’ll be back to Telford for more, I know that.
Thanks Dhyllan, Louis, Ollie and all the team at Automotive Addiction.
See you again soon,

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Audi RS3 Engine
Audi RS3 8Y

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