We Are Professional Car Detailers.

As a team of highly-skilled, professional car detailers and modifying specialists with over 10 years’ experience at the pinnacle of the industry, Automotive Addiction has grown out of our unrivalled passion for perfection in vehicle preparation and performance.

Officially founded in 2015, when a niche in the market was identified for supplying performance cars to likeminded perfectionists and motoring connoisseurs, our company has been built on the same meticulous and methodical practises that we apply in our unparalleled car detailing work; an approach that we have applied to all areas of our business.

As dedicated car fanatics ourselves, who have transferred this wealth of knowledge and skills from the elite car detailing sector into performance car sales near Telford, we understand the value of buying a flawless vehicle from a company you can trust; that understands your needs; and inspires confidence at every stage of the purchasing process and beyond.

We pride ourselves on offering only the most exquisitely-prepared vehicles, backed with a guarantee of peerless customer service and after-sales support to ensure we always exceed your expectations and make every purchase an experience to remember. Buy a vehicle from us, and you’re no longer just a customer, you’re a member of the Automotive Addiction family.

Meet the Team

Dhyllan Bhadal – Director

Louis Craig – Operations Manager

Automotive Addiction Team

Olliee Wildsmith – Marketing Manager

Adam Swift – Detailing Manager

Machine Polishing

Ammo Singh – Detailer

Machine Detailing

Shaun Hassell – Detailer

Interior Detailing

Dec Edwards – Detailer

What our customers say about us...


Having worked as qualified car detailing and modifying specialists for over 10 years, Automotive Addiction grew out of our passion for perfection in vehicle preparation. Officially founded in 2015, when we identified a niche in the market for supplying truly immaculately presented performance cars to discerning enthusiasts and collectors, the business is built on the same exacting standards that are essential in high-profile professional detailing.

As dedicated petrolheads ourselves we understand the importance of purchasing a car from a company you can trust, and we pride ourselves on offering only the highest quality of cars but also highest level of service and aftersales support to ensure we always exceed our customers’ expectations. We genuinely strive to make every single car purchase a true experience to remember and want each customer walking away feeling like a highly valued VIP, an experience we feel is getting lost within our industry. Cliché it may sound, but buy a car from us and you’re not just a customer, but are part of the Automotive Addiction family where you will have exclusive access to Automotive Addiction car meets, track-days, detailing products and much more to come!

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