Automotive Addiction stands out as a premier UK ‘Detailing-Based Vehicle Preparation’ performance car dealership, boasting a significant presence spanning several years. Our establishment in 2015 was prompted by a specific market need, catering to perfectionist motoring connoisseurs.

Innovative Car Preparation Process: Our distinct approach to car preparation sets us apart. With a groundbreaking, labor-intensive process taking up to 60 hours per car prior to sale, we’ve redefined the meaning of ‘High-Standard’ in the Motor Industry.

Unmatched Attention to Detail: Our unwavering commitment to meticulous detailing is our hallmark across all areas of our operations.

Qualified and Trustworthy Team: If your standards align with ours, trust no other team more qualified and trustworthy than us for your new purchase.

Choose Automotive Addiction today and experience the epitome of excellence in the automotive world.

Automotive Addiction pioneers a harmonious blend of two seemingly disparate industries: Car Sales and Professional Car Detailing, historically characterized by divergent approaches to Car Preparation.

Synergising High Standards:
We’ve seamlessly merged our unwavering High-Standards and meticulous ethos from Professional Car Detailing into the Car Sales Industry. Each car undergoes selection, preparation, and presentation to an unparalleled standard that sets new benchmarks in our sector.

Dedicated In-House Detailing Team:
Our adept team of professional detailers, based in-house, dedicates up to 60 hours per car. This meticulous investment ensures every vehicle we offer for sale is presented in optimal condition, irrespective of its age or mileage.

A Distinctive Advantage:
This distinctive approach is a cornerstone of our Unique-Selling-Point, elevating Automotive Addiction to a league of its own in the realm of automotive excellence.

Our unparalleled detailing preparation process stands as a culmination of over a decade of mastery, honed through our experience as Professional Car Detailers. With an unrelenting passion for excellence, we’ve dedicated countless years to refining techniques and products, ensuring we remain at the forefront of our field.

Permanent Enhancement and Residual Value:
Central to our approach is the intention to not only enhance the visual allure of our vehicles but also to uphold their long-term value. This meticulous process contributes around 45-50 hours to our comprehensive end-to-end preparation at Automotive Addiction.

Stages of Perfection:

  • Up to 8-Hour Pre-Detail & Purification: Commencing with an extensive deep cleanse, this phase readies the vehicle for comprehensive paint correction. The process includes a meticulous ‘wheels-off’ decontamination safe wash, interior treatments, paintless dent removal, brake disc-center refurbishment, and wheel refurbishment if required.

  • Up to 40-Hour Paint Correction: This labor-intensive stage eradicates swirl marks, wash marring, and holograms, achieving a paint finish that surpasses even factory standards.

For a deeper dive into our meticulous preparation process, explore the details here: Automotive Addiction – Preparation Process

At Automotive Addiction, our commitment to perfection transforms every vehicle we sell into an automotive masterpiece.

NO! Not all is Equal. Our meticulous approach extends beyond detailing-based preparation. It encompasses essential pre-purchase Inspections and checks that meet our rigorous standards before a car earns the privilege of being sold by Automotive Addiction.

While our detailing-based preparation process significantly enhances a vehicle’s visual appeal, it’s vital to recognize that true quality goes beyond appearances.

Unseen Excellence: Beneath the glossy paintwork lies a crucial factor in determining a car’s quality and provenance. We emphasize the following pillars as the bedrock of our business:

  • Buying Philosophy: Our discerning approach to sourcing vehicles ensures that only the finest make it to our inventory.

  • Selection and Inspection Process: Rigorous scrutiny guarantees that each vehicle aligns with our uncompromising standards.

  • Mechanical Inspection: Thorough mechanical assessments ensure optimal performance and reliability.

  • Paint Depth Inspection: This reveals non-factory paintwork, past repairs, and body-panel replacements, offering transparency in a car’s history.

  • Deep-Dive Diagnostics Inspection: Here, we uncover previous mileage correction, engine tuning, and launch history, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of a vehicle’s past.

At Automotive Addiction, we aren’t merely selling cars; we’re delivering confidence and transparency in an industry where discerning expertise matters. Choose us for a car purchase that goes beyond the surface and embodies excellence in every facet.

We embody dual roles, but at our core, we are foremost a Performance Car Dealer.

Each vehicle in our inventory undergoes Professional car detailing, a value-added service, before being presented for sale. This meticulous preparation comes at no extra cost, ensuring absolute client satisfaction.

If you’re the kind of individual who envisions buying a car from a dealership and immediately investing £1,000+ in Paint Correction with a Professional Detailer, then look no further – we are tailored for you.

Furthermore, we undertake comprehensive specialist detailing projects for select vehicles that don’t align with our sales offerings, albeit on a limited availability basis.

At Automotive Addiction, we seamlessly blend Performance Car Sales with the finesse of Professional Car Detailing to offer you an unparalleled automotive experience.

Elevate the longevity and allure of your vehicle with our dual paint protection offerings, meticulously designed to preserve the pristine condition we present and safeguard the highest residual value. At Automotive Addiction, we present you with a choice between two exceptional solutions: Ceramic Paint Protection and Paint Protection Film (PPF).

Ceramic Paint Protection: Embrace the innovation of CarPro CQuartz Finest Reserve Ceramic Coating, a hallmark of excellence and durability. This advanced coating bestows your vehicle with an enduring shield, offering protection against environmental elements and preserving its captivating shine.

Paint Protection Film (PPF): Discover the pinnacle of safeguarding technology with CarPro Immortal Paint Protection Film (PPF). Engineered to defend against the rigors of daily driving, this film provides a virtually invisible layer of protection, shielding your car’s finish from potential hazards.

As a recognized CarPro-Approved Detailing Centre, our commitment to quality shines through. This esteemed designation enables us to offer you the distinguished benefits of CarPro CQuartz Finest Reserve Ceramic Coating and CarPro Immortal Paint Protection Film (PPF).

Experience the epitome of paint protection excellence – choose Automotive Addiction for your vehicle’s enduring beauty and value retention.

Experience Ultimate Protection: Paint Protection Film (PPF)

Imagine an armor-like shield that transcends the ordinary – that’s Paint Protection Film (PPF). Engineered as a durable, transparent layer, PPF is meticulously applied using specially adapted pre-cut patterns. Its purpose? To bestow your vehicle’s body panels with an unmatched level of protection, surpassing even the benefits of ceramic coating. Once in place, PPF becomes virtually invisible, guarding against the threats of stone chips, scratches, and abrasions. This market-leading film is your car’s guardian, shielding the paint finish from harm while remaining inconspicuous.

But that’s not all – PPF possesses a remarkable ‘self-healing’ capability. Minor scratches and swirl marks that may occur are mended by the film itself, restoring your car’s flawless façade.

Elevate Brilliance: Ceramic Paint Protection

Indulge in the pinnacle of protection with Ceramic Paint Protection – a semi-permanent ceramic coating that’s masterfully hand-applied in liquid form. Once cured, it transforms into a resilient, invisible, scratch-resistant barrier. This barrier boasts superior hardness compared to factory paint, guarding against environmental elements like bird etching and potential damage during cleaning, such as swirl marks. Not only does Ceramic Paint Protection offer an enhanced defense, but its hydrophobic properties also make debris and grime removal a breeze, saving you time and effort.

Choose Automotive Addiction for the ultimate in paint protection – where cutting-edge solutions meet the artistry of application, ensuring your vehicle’s brilliance stands the test of time.

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