A glimpse of the future back in 2013. 👾

When it was released, it was like a glimpse of the future with it’s EV powertrain and futuristic appearance. 

The i8’s original design stems right back to 2009 when BMW released the ‘Vision EfficientDynamics’ prototype.  From then various i8 prototypes were created up until 2013 when BMW eventually released the first production i8 to the world.  The i8 was on sale from 2014, discontinued in 2020, and still to this day in 2023, it doesn’t look a day old.

From 2018, the Munich firm has gave its petrol-electric sports car not only a mid-life facelift, but also increased its electric driving range.

It also doubled the number of models in the line-up with the introduction of an i8 Roadster, which was only on sale for the i8’s final year of production. This 700 mile example we have for sale was one of the very last i8’s to roll off the production line.  

Now is your chance to buy a nearly brand new BMW i8 – We’re set to put this BMW i8 through our extensive detailing preparation process. Please do not hesitate to contact us at this stage to register your interest early and secure the vehicle before it is offered for sale outside of our website. This will also allow you to tailor the vehicle to your individual requirements. 

View this BMW i8 on our website here

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