The Ultimate Toyota GR Yaris Circuit Pack?

The WRC rally homologation special that won the hearts of the modern driving enthusiast.  Toyota treated us all to an absolute ripper of a fiery hot-hatch.  The very model we’re writing about here is currently available for purchase and we’re eager to highlight the reasons that set it apart from the rest.

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toyota yaris gr circuit pack sequential gearbox modified

From the outside, this GR Yaris has undergone a series of noteworthy modifications. Starting with the exterior, it sits on OZ Rally Racing wheels, thanks to the H&R springs that provide an eye-catching body drop. As you move towards the rear of the car, you’ll notice a TOMS’ rear spoiler and TOMS rear bumper vents, all color-matched to create a cohesive look. Enhancing both aesthetics and performance. 

What’s more, the carbon-fibre textured film on the roof has been removed to expose the OEM forged carbon roof lending an additional touch of sportiness. 

Furthermore, we’ve gone the extra mile to safeguard the car’s vulnerable impact zone areas by applying CarPro’s self-healing paint protection film, a meticulous installation we handled in-house at Automotive Addiction.

Beneath the bonnet, this GR Yaris has undergone some impressive power upgrades. Its already spirited 3-cylinder engine now boasts an impressive output of 304hp and 415nm of torque, thanks to the installation of DTUK’s tuning box. The enhancements don’t stop there; the car also features ITG’s induction kit, aGazoo Racing strut brace, which significantly improves body rigidity and a CSK lightweight titanium exhaust system in place for a more sporty exhaust tone.

This particular GR Yaris left the factory with the coveted ‘Circuit Pack,’ enhancing its handling prowess with torsen limited-slip differentials at both ends, tuned suspension with stiffer springs, dampers and roll bars, and red aluminum brake calipers, 4 piston at the front, 2 at the rear.

Stepping inside the car, you’ll find a noticeable transformation in the form of a sizeable carbon-fiber lever for its KoTouc sequential gearbox, a component valued at £15,000 (before labour)!  The key advantage of this modification isn’t limited to its lightning-quick 40-millisecond gearshifts; it also introduces an extra gear, transforming the car from a 6-speed to a 7-speed, thereby enhancing acceleration and increasing top speed.

You might be wondering about the practicality of using a sequential gearbox in daily scenarios, such as daily town/city commutes or parking.  Rest assured, the sequential gearbox doesn’t pose any hindrance during these moments. You can still employ the clutch pedal as you normally would, simply moving the lever back and forth to select your gears.

If you’re seeking the ultimate hot-hatch experience, we urge you to get in touch with us without delay to discuss this exceptional vehicle or secure it with a deposit.  Don’t miss out on the opportunity to own this extraordinary one-of-a-kind Toyota GR Yaris.

CLICK HERE to view the full advert for this Toyota GR Yaris.

Published: 12 September 2023

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