Volkswagen Golf GTi Clubsport S Differences in Detail – What makes it unique? Peak Golf?

Hot hatches are not usually known for their collectible investment potential, as the numbers manufactured are just far too numerous. But one model that doesn’t suffer from this kind of over exposure are these track-ready 2016 Volkswagen Golf GTi Clubsport S’. 

Only 400 examples of these tarmac-terrorist were made worldwide, with just 150 right-hand drive units available in the UK all complete with numbered build plaques with a number donated between 1 and 400 for each car, making it one of the rarest hot hatches money can buy.

Aside from pure exclusivity, it also has the kind of specification that makes it acclaimed by many as the ‘ultimate VW Golf’.

For starters, the 2.0-litre turbocharged four-cylinder engine has received a revised ECU calibration, uprated fuel pump and a freer-flowing 65mm cat-back exhaust system, raising the power output to 310PS, up 45PS from the ‘base’ GTi Clubsport.

This increased shove is paired with a kerb weight that is 30kg lighter than the base Clubsport too, a reduction in mass that comes from its lightweight 19inch wheels, aluminium subframe, smaller lightweight battery and an interior which has had the rear seats, sound deadening, and insulation deleted and a pair of lightweight Recaro shell bucket seats installed in the front.

Other select Clubsport S upgrades have also been lavished on the suspension, braking system and aerodynamic package, that, combined with the unique Nurburgring Mode in the driving profile selector, endows the Clubsport S with the performance to lap the famous ‘Green Hell’ in an astonishing 7 minutes and 49 seconds. 

Over our years of business, Automotive Addiction has offered a number of these searingly capable and ultra-exclusive hot hatches, all in immaculate original and unmodified condition. Some of which have only ever been used in the dry on the road (never seen a track), with just one previous VW enthusiast keepers and ultra-low mileage from new. Each car has been fastidiously maintained and come with full Volkswagen main-dealer service history as well as benefitting from every single UK factory optional extra from new. We only cherrypick the best examples.

Every Volkswagen Golf GTI Clubsport S have undergone our extensive 40-hour preparation process including multi-stage paint correction, to ensure every inch of these vehicles are immaculate as possible, ready for their new owners to cherish as they see fit either in their own coveted collection or by using the car’s elevated performance on track.

Our painstaking inspection process has revealed no instances of non-factory paintwork, with consistent paint micron readings across all body-panels of each car. So you can buy in confidence that our special Clubsport S’ have led a life free of damage and is in simply impeccable condition both inside and out. 

CLICK HERE to view our current stock. You never know, we may have another Volkswagen Golf GTI Clubsport S in stock today…

Published: 31st January 2024

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