do you want to protect your investment?

We offer two types of paint protection to ensure your new purchase remains in the exquisite condition
that we present it and retains the highest residual value – Ceramic Paint Protection and Paint Protection Film (PPF).

Ceramic Paint Protection: CQuartz Finest-Reserve

What is CQuartz Finest-Reserve?

CQuartz Finest-Reserve ceramic paint protection is a semi-permanent ceramic coating that is precisely hand-applied in liquid form. Once cured with infrared heat – at a consistent 55 degrees – this exclusive professional-only ceramic coating forms a resilient and invisible scratch-resistant barrier that is much harder than manufacture paint whilst benefiting from enhanced protection from environmental elements (e.g. bird etching) and damage inflicted whilst cleaning (e.g. swirl marks).

Hydrophobic qualities

The superior hydrophobic quality features ‘self-cleaning properties’ which aid the surface’s ability to repel moisture, grime and general road debris making future cleaning and cosmetic maintenance much easier and less time-consuming. Available in a range of specialist variations we can apply protective ceramic coatings to almost every surface of your vehicle including paintwork, windows, wheels, brakes, exhaust, interior and even arch liners. This is by far the most cost effective way to protect your investment. But it’s not solely about protection, as the level of paint gloss produced by the coating is simply extraordinary.

Approved CQuartz Finest-Reserve professional detailing centre

As a CarPro CQuartz Finest-Reserve approved professional detailing centre, near Telford, (one of only 22 in England) all of our ceramic coatings come with a three-year manufacturer’s warranty from CarPro CQuartz and us.

Benefits of infrared cured CarPro CQuartz Finest-Reserve ceramic coating:

Paint Protection Film (PPF): XPEL

Paint Protection Film (PPF) is a durable transparent film that is applied in specifically adapted pre-cut patterns to the vehicle’s body panels to endow them with a greater level of protection from damage – even more so than that achieved by ceramic coating. Once installed it is near invisible and is designed to greatly reduce the chance of stone chips, scratches or abrasions from impairing the paint finish. To ensure the highest longevity and protection we only use XPEL Ultimate Self-Healing paint protection film. This market leading film not only provides an invisible shield to ward off stone chips and environmental contaminants, but also has the ability to ‘self-heal’ any minor scratches or swirl marks with the application of heat or direct sunlight. Our PPF comes with an exclusive 10-year manufacturer’s warranty.

Expertly Applied by Automotive Addiction

Whichever option you choose, be it CQuartz Finest-Reserve ceramic paint protection or XPEL Paint Protection Film, both can be expertly applied by our team to your chosen vehicle before collection. Not only will this ensure that your purchase will retain the highest residual value and its impeccable Automotive Addiction finish for longer, but will also save you hundreds, if not thousands *, of pounds over having a similar installation completed in the future. This is because both options require the paintwork to be skilfully machine polished to a perfect finish before the treatment is applied, a service which Automotive Addiction carries out as standard (and at no additional cost) on all vehicles before sale.

*A similar paint correction service elsewhere would cost in the region of £800-1,000 by an established professional accredited detailer. Our paint correction service is FREE

Ceramic Coating Pricelist

Applying Ceramic Coating on a car

A resilient, invisible, scratch-resistant barrier that offers your vehicle superior protection from environmental elements and cleaning damage whilst enhancing gloss depth and shine. The heightened hydrophobic quality repels moisture and grime making it easier and less time-consuming to clean.

Paint Protection Film Pricelist


A durable, transparent film applied to your vehicle’s body panels to give improved protection from stone chips, scratches and abrasions. Once applied, this invisible shield has the ability to ‘self heal’ minor scratches and swirl marks, ensuring your paintwork stays in perfect condition.

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